An intense, dark, complex and buttery roast: your newest coffee soulmate. Our top-selling Single Origin Volcanic Brazil Whole Bean Coffee is a specialty Arabica coffee bean grown on the sunny side of a volcano in the Mogiana region of Brazil, and is easily our most popular coffee.


This single origin coffee will transform your mornings from dull to blissful, thanks to the unique combination of earthy and floral undertones with an irresistible hint of caramel, peanut brittle, and chocolate. Once you brew, a fresh, toasty aroma will fill your senses. 


Packaged in a resealable bag for ease of use and storage, we take great care in transferring these high-quality coffee beans from our roastery to your cup. 


What Makes Our Coffee Special


  • All of our whole bean single-origin coffees are grown in volcanic loams found in different regions of the world. This powerful soil grows coffee plants and beans enriched with their natural antioxidants, minerals, nutrients, and original flavors you won’t find in traditionally processed coffee. 


  • When ready, the beans are harvested above the ground to keep the volcanic soil and plantations healthy, meaning you’re drinking coffee handled with great care from soil to bag, to the mug in your hands. Our Brazilian beans are processed full natural and dried in the sun and mechanical driers.


  • We only roast single-origin coffee to keep the natural flavors and properties of the beans intact until the last drop.


How to Brew Our Coffee


While there are many ways to brew your everyday traditional coffee, it’s best to brew our signature single origin coffees with the pour-over method. It helps improve the overall vibrancy of the beans.


We recommend getting your coffee grinder, grinding up your desired amount, and start, your usual pour-over brewing process. 


You’ll have fresh, delicious-tasting coffee in minutes.

Single Origin Volcanic Brazilian Coffee - Dark Roast

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