Our delicious Nicaraguan beans are grown and meticulously cared for by one of the oldest family coffee farms in all of Nicaragua! 


Notes: Almond, Butterscotch, Malt, Baked Bread

Roast Profile: Light/Medium

Process: Fully Washed

Variety: Arabica - Catuai

Elevation: 1150 - 1300 masl

Soil: Volcanic Loam


What Makes Our Nicaraguan Coffee Special


Our single-origin Nicaraguan coffee is Arabica beans grown in volcanic loam. This powerful soil grows coffee plants and beans enriched with their natural antioxidants, minerals, nutrients, and original flavors you won’t find in traditionally processed coffee. 


The Single Origin Nicaragua coffee beans are processed using wet milling. This process is performed on a new Pinhalense dualeco pulper wet mill and an environmentally friendly system to conserve water.

Single Origin Volcanic Nicaraguan Coffee

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